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DeHavilland Associates supports great education by fostering great community/school partnerships. We do this by providing consulting services to our corporate, nonprofit, foundation, and district clients, and by providing resources, such as the K-12 Partnership Report newsletter, to support those in the field as they build strong and sustainable partnership programs.

While community/school partnerships have always played a part in public education, they have taken on a particular importance in recent years. School budgets are getting tighter, and it's getting harder to fully prepare students for the future. At the same time, the highly-skilled members of the Sputnik generation are moving ever closer toward retirement, and businesses in all sectors of the economy are realizing the importance of having an educated and prepared workforce capable of replacing them.

If you're interested in building community/school partnerships and creating effective, outcomes-driven outreach initiatives, DeHavilland Associates can help. We can help you find the resources and partners you need; we can offer you training, development, and networking opportunities; or we can work with you personally to build your initiatives. Explore our site, and contact us to let us know how we can help.


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